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All Therapists are national board certified, state licensed, and carry required state required insurance.

The professional integrity of our services are guaranteed. We will take the greatest care in delivering our best work and are committed to making positive changes in your physiology.

The following services are described and provided by our professionals.

CCM Massage Services
1550 E. 3300 S SLC , UT

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Swedish Massage
"Head to toe(s)" designed to relax and rejuvenate-light to medium pressure is used in the delivery of this popular relaxation massage . We use only water soluble massage lotions .

1 Hour $49.00
1.5 Hour $75.00

Therapeutic Massage
"Specific work" designed to address chronic tension or unresolved injured areas- Also known as sports or deep massage work, deep pressure is gradually delivered to the full body to allow the therapist to work through the many layers of tense muscle tissue.

1 Hour $55.00

Chair Massage
"Invigorate and educate" This service is a quick 15 minute approach to addressing the day to day muscular tensions that build and cause pain and dysfunction. Also known as "seated" massage it is delivered without the use of lotions and you stay fully clothed while receiving the service. If you have never had a massage, it is a great introduction to body work in a short amount of time for you to experience the power of the work.

15 minutes $15.00
30 minutes $30.00


Eric Reff LMT
Eric is the founder of Corporate Chair-Man. A chair massage service designed to address the stressors of the modern workplace. He has worked in this stressful environment and knows first hand the issues of today's employee and will focus on muscles and structures that get the most abuse.

  Victoria Falslev LMT
Victoria has been practicing massage for over 4 years and has a variety of techniques and pressure to address your tightest muscles. People who like deep relaxing massage are never disappointed.
She also works in Park City

Thomas Flocco LMT
Thomas brings his pro athlete experience to the table in his work. He has a great understanding of physiology and works with people how have sports injuries and repetitive use stressors. When blended together with a full body session, you really can feel and see the results of good bodywork.

Proactive Health Care Packages
We all agree that health cannot be obtained overnight. Just as you would not expect the perfect body from one visit to the gym, you cannot expect a long-term healthy return on your investment from one visit to our center. So we offer multi visit wellness packages and offer a discount for your commitment to your health.
It's about YOU!

Healthy Start:
3 Visits

Use this package to help you create some new healthy patterns. Most experts say that if you can stick with something for 30 days, you can change your habits. Quit smoking or soft drinks and replace it with this package. We pre-schedule 3 Swedish massages every 10 days for a result that you can really feel!


Change for health:
4 visits

This package eases you into a lifestyle change in 30 days. We start with a Swedish session followed by 3 therapeutic sessions. To make sure we make a positive difference in your physiology, we will give you a no-charge visit and sEMG analysis with Dr. Mike Cerami-our healthcare partner that provides a different light touch approach to chiropractic care. This package addresses both active and passive nervous systems for a maximum result in a short amount of time.


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